So it began!

Finally, the day has come when we stopped promising the pears on the willow and we can proudly say “So it began!”. Not long ago it seemed that this moment is quite distant, but in no time we were already on the way to the airport. The last moments before the trip are a real emotional and event-full carousel. I will write a few sentences about it 🙂


As we plan to stay outside of Poland for quite a long time, we decided to use this opportunity to organize our things. This is due to common sense, pragmatism and “laziness in the future”. You can of course pack everything into cardboard boxes, but it causes several problems: you need to transfer these boxes to the car and to the place where they will be stored, the space must be sufficiently large, and then you will need to bring them back. It is no secret that laziness today produces more work tomorrow. So we conducted a sharp selection. It was not easy because we had a fondness for many items, some were souvenirs. Well, I won’t  receive a distinction for very good results in school in the 2002/2003 school year again… My (Michał) selection was facilitated by the fact that I have already packed some items into the boxes on the occasion of Erasmus trip to the Canary Islands and ronovation of the flat, most of which laid there for over two years. With a heartache, we divided items into 4 groups: for disposal, for sale, for preservation and for distribution.

These drivers for the Pentagram router are definitely not useful anymore?

I wasn’t easy to organize a garage sale without having a garage and in addition in winter, when it is impossible to set up a table outside. We spent the whole weekend taking pictures and preparing descriptions of Allegro and OLX auctions, many nights to pack parcels and many hours waiting at the post office. The effort, however, paid off, we sold almost everything we exhibited. You’d be surprised what people are buying! The hit of our pre-departure sale was the sale of a crystal swan for PLN 5 on New Year. It must have happened like this: still drunk man returning from New Year’s Eve party instead of clicking “Order Uber” clicked “Buy now this beautiful crystal swan” …

The swan

The personal inventory remanager brought three great benefits: the amount of boxes to be saved in the basement decreased significantly, the expedition budget was significantly improved, and we experienced a kind of catharsis – cleansing. We got rid of basically all unnecessary things that we had even from school times and which we kept because “maybe they will be useful”. Of course, unused for a long time, why would it change?

Items that did not make sense to sell, and we could not even think of throwing them away (eg. cactuses, empty notebooks, etc.), as well as things to keep, which it would be a shame to keep unused in the basement for 3 years, we decided to give away to friends. As a result, they left our flat with bigger bags than after sales 🙂


So far the most touching part before the trip. We spent most of our free time in January seeing our friends and family. Fortunately, such true farewells were only at the end of these meetings and at the airport. The rest of the farewell meetings was a nice time in good company. And here one thought came to my mind: let’s see each other more often! It was great to talk to you all, laugh, dance, discuss important and trivial matters, spend the evening pleasantly. Let’s find more time for ourselves and let the motivation be not the fact, that someone is leaving for three years, but that we like each other and want to see each other. It’s not the comfortable life that we’ll miss the most, not even Warsaw, Chełm, or Poland. It’s you 🙂

At this point, we would like to thank all of those who wanted to meet us for good-bye, who helped us with logistic (eg, giving contacts to friends around the world), substantively (eg giving Instagram tips, photograph tips etc. ), matter-of-factly (material support, pork goulash with 2% meat <3), food (Sunday dinner) and in any other way. From the beginning, our plans were adopted warmly, but in the home straight we received from you a huge dose of cordiality. THANK YOU !!!

Thank you also for coming to the airport, it touched us deeply, tears were flowing from our eyes, even though we set off to fulfill our dream.

More than 1 person/m2 !!!
Both the oldest and the youngest are saying goodbye

Novice mistakes

While we know a bit about travelling (of course, not all journeys are described on the blog), so far we only told about our adventures while drinking beer or coffee. In addition, pictures were made with not-the-best camera, not considering vlogs for a moment, nor website and social media. Nevertheless, we decided to develop in these areas, so that you can experience our journey with us. Therefore, we ask you for understanding, because we learn to embrace everything on our own successes and mistakes. And of course from tutorials, articles and videos. If any of you would have some constructive comments about the content we present, we will listen to them humbly. We encourage you to send them, because only this way we can make it better 🙂

The home straight

The schedule of the last 3 weeks before departure was very tight. In January, we were entitled to 3 days of vacation, and last year’s we used almost the whole, so there was really little time between work and meetings. And we had to complete the equipment, move out of the apartment, I did not want to give up capoeira or salsa and bachata trainings. Moreover, there were many technical issues regarding the blog and social media. And to make matters worse, both of us got sick. Runny nose, sore throat, fever, conjunctivitis. Not good. In the end, luckily, we flew out as healthy as possible, although I took the last antibiotic dose the first day in Porto.

We differ a little with Ola when it comes to getting ready for the trip. Ola put aside some things that she knew she would take with her, half year ago (!). A week before departure she had everything prepared, just waiting for her last shopping. I, however, a week before I had more or less put off what I was taking, and began to pack on the day of departure at 12. It was the same with pre-departure stress – I realized the fact that we are leaving only really in the evening before, while Ola was upset a few weeks earlier.

Well, when it comes to packing – how to fit 3 years of life up to 2.5 rucksacks and whether purchased equipment works well, I will write when we test it a little 🙂

It is not easy to travel and report at the same time, so you have to forgive us for the delay in posts, which unfortunately will only increase over time 🙁 We will try to upload the most up-to-date info and photos on FB and Instagram.

Greetings from Lisbon, Ola & Michał

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