PORTUGAL – warm up

Because you can fly to Brazil through Portugal, we decided to visit it as the first country during our trip. We weren’t there for the first time – I had the opportunity to spend half a year at Erasmus in Lisbon, and Ola visited me twice.

We set up the first camp at the airport, because it is not worth paying for a hostel if we land around 1 am.

Camp no. 1. Temperature close to zero degrees

We wander in Porto for 2 days, drink coffee and eat breakfasts in a pastelaria, catching the sun, because it gets really cold at night. In the rooms as well. We admire the city, narrow streets and ubiquitous laundry. On the second day we’re taking Portuguese Pendolino to Lisbon, which really leans at the curves.

Forementioned laundry

In Lisbon, we are able to hit the promotion and spend the night at the Hostel for 5 €, which in addition is warm!!! We spend the next two days driving around Lisbon and visiting famous places. We also meet with our friend Filip and his girlfriend Marta, who also came to Lisbon.

It was good to see you gyus!

We also wanted to see the most positive person in the world that we had the opportunity to meet – Manuel, whom we met three years ago during Erasmus. Unfortunately, Manuel lost the fight against cancer shortly before our arrival, which was a huge shock for us. We visit him at Cemiterio do Carnide. Rest in peace Manuel, you were the best.

Manuel Fernandes Esteves

On the day of departure, the weather breaks down – we are lucky that the last 4 days were beautifully sunny. The plan that Asia and Maciek from HoneyYear have tossed us in is busted. We have torn a stretch film from Poland to wrap our backpacks, and then for half the price they take at the airport, wrap other people’s luggage. It turns out that the luggage can only be wrapped with the official, approved foil. Airport mafia… Cutting carefully wrapped backpacks we throw away a bale of foil.

Something’s got stuck to the backpack…

Despite the hour of delay due to bad weather, we reach Rio with a change in Casablanca on time. On the plane, there were even amenities such as pillows, blankets, food, screens with movies, music and the route, and… SPACE FOR THE LEGS!!! For us, people used to Ryanair and Wizzair, it was a big shock.

We almost fell off the seats when they said they would give food a second time
In Morrocan airlines you can witness such a music 😀

What were our first impressions in Rio and how do favelas and carnival really look like? Check it in the next post! [click]

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