Portraits of happiness

During previous trips we met a lot of people. They gave us help, good advice, or even a roof over our heads. We’ve got to know their stories. Often, it is the usual prose of life, sometimes amazing stories. We made friends. Of course, these are not friendships that would stand the test of time and distance. However, they made us feel in distant places like at home, like among friends.

During this trip we would like to write down these stories. Portray our future friends. And talking to them, ask: what is happiness for them? What do they do to be happy?

We intend to conduct interviews with people from over 40 countries, adding portraits of our interlocutors. Certainly we will meet completely different people, from the rich to the people barely making ends meet. Black, white, yellow, red, young, old, pretty and a little less, wise, sly. Each of them will define happiness differently and pursue it in their own manner.

Can we create a universal definition of happiness? Is there such a thing? Following us you will discover it by yourselves!