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A lot has changed since our ‚coming out’. We don’t have to pretend that we are saving to buy an apartment, that we keep both feet on the ground and have plans for the future, like a young individual at the beginning of his career should. Instead of getting a loan for a flat, we pack our house on our backs and move ahead. It was nice to be finally able to tell you that, and it’s even nicer to hear that you like the idea and that you are cheering for us. Friends who have just returned from their honeymoonyear in both Americas (cheers Asia and Maciek!) told us: „Don’t listen to people saying, that this is stupid and irresponsible. Do it for yourself, let nobody take your dreams”. But nobody told us that, nobody tried to take anything away. Seriously 🙂 We met with only positive reactions. It’s great to have such a family and friends, we appreciate it very much 🙂

As we have already mentioned, during the trip we intend to realise the project Portraits of Happiness. If you appreciate this idea and would like to help us with its realisation, you can do it in 3 ways:

If you enjoy from time to time our post, photo, or video, don’t hesitate, give us a like and share 🙂 Maybe your friends would be interested in our trip and it would inspire them to start their own travels? In addition, your reactions, likes, sharing and engagement act on us motivatingly, and they bring us closer to becoming super famous bloggers 😀 on Facebook we are HERE and we aren’t going to stop just on it!

If you have friends anywhere in the world who would like and could help us, it would be great if you contacted us. It doesn’t necessarily mean help in the form of providing accommodation (although it would certainly be extremely useful), but also  advice, tips, or just good company.

And the last form, financial. We finance the journey with our own savings and for the past 2 years we have been doing our best to save as much as possible. But you know how it is, PLN is not USD or bitcoin, and the equipment necessary for a trip costs a little. It’s awkward to ask for support, because there are so many problems in the world, but there are times when you were about to go on a kebab, but good old Ahmed just shaved the last pieces of juicy meat for a guy who was in the queue in front of you. And then a question arises in your head, how to manage this money now? If you have such dilemmas sometimes, we come to help;) You can support us with a traditional transfer:

Michal Gliniewicz

mBank (PLN):

PL 91 1140 2004 0000 3002 6383 2517

mBank (USD):

PL 97 1140 2004 0000 3112 0562 7379

mBank (EUR)

PL 17 1140 2004 0000 3812 0308 9695

or via PayPal (you have to own a PayPal account, but you can support us in almost any currency) by clicking on the logo below.

PS. Donors of 15+ PLN (5+ USD, 4+ €) will receive beautiful postcards (just give us the address and a country you would like to receive a postcard from 😉 )

When you help us realize this project you are becoming a part of it, support creation of an outstanding content and somewhere in the world, a young alpaca is born.

Every mean of help is for us equally important and for each one we will be forever grateful!

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