On the other side [Cyprus 2/4]

We reach Nicosia in the late afternoon, and on the same day we are settled with our host in Girne, so we decide to go there by the last bus and spend a moment in the capital. We visit the gothic cathedral, which has been converted into a mosque. Now, this view is shocking for us and arouses emotions. It will turn out later that there are many such facilities in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

„Typical” for mosques ribbed vault…

When we reach Girne it is already dark. It turns out that our host Mustafa works in the tourist business – he sells cruises and watches the boat of his boss. And on this boat he offered us accommodation. We are offered a cold beer (salvation!), we leave our backpacks on the boat and go for a walk, because Mustafa stays at the marina until midnight and sells cruises. It turns out that our host has a date today after work and it’s better that we were not on a boat… We are wandering a little bit more, but we are tired. Fortunately, we can go to another boat, which is guarded by a friend Mustafa with the intention of a short nap and return to ‚our’ boat. At night, awakened by a light chill, we sneak into Mustafa’s boat, but we realize, that we can’t go back there. We stealthily take off our sleeping bags and return to the other boat. In the end, a friend of Mustafa wakes us up at 6 in the morning and says that we should go now, because their boss may appear soon and it’s better he doesn’t see us. We are going back to the first boat for our stuff and say goodbye to Mustafa. Unfortunately, he went with his girl and we don’t manage to meet him. It was quite an uncommon Couchsurfing, where we almost didn’t meet our host and we couldn’t stay where we were supposed to. Well, in the end, the guy helped us, and the views in the morning were really pleasant:

Morning on the boat in Girne

Not fully rested, but still full of enthusiasm, we go to the cafe for breakfast and a sip of caffeine. We ask the owners whether we could leave there our backpacks. They are a little bit reluctant, but in the end agree. We take only the most necessary things and set off to visit two castles: one in the center of Girne, and the other on a hill outside the city – the castle of St. Hilarion. It is very early, we are the only tourists in the castle in Girne, and besides, the temperature is still quite pleasant.

There is a quite nice view from the walls of the castle

The next goal is the Saint Hilarion castle. Of course we hitchhike there. The paraglider crew stops for us. We meet a team of very positive, crazy people from South Africa and Norway. They’re going to the hill behind the castle to fly. They suggest that we go with them and watch them take off. How we envy them! After the take-off the driver descends to pick up the landing team and throws us near the castle. Perfect 🙂

Excited, thanks to so positive people, we are bravely climbing the castle. We like it a lot more than the previous one in the center of Girne, mainly due to its picturesque location and beautiful views.

From this hill paragliders start.
Aaaaaand the’re up!
The view from the castle’s highest point – 732 m

On the way back, a ride to the city is offered to us by a ticket agent who has just finished his shift at the box office in the castle. Having returned to the cafe for backpacks we talk for a moment with one of the employees, young Turk. He tells us that his brother moved to Germany for business and asks us if it’s difficult to start a business in Poland. We, business sharks, don’t have much valuable hints for him. After all, the boy adds Michał to friends on Facebook. Some months later, after returning to Poland, he wrote to him the following message:

„I need a girl of poland to marry her just for yelow slip. There will be nothing sany other relation b/w us.i will give her money whatever she wants. Moreover her traveling, living and accommodation expenses will be covered by me through out the process. Look man u must have contacts in poland n i have money use both n we both will be benefited. It is true that polish girls not all but some do such marriages. What do u say” [original spelling].

Strongly surprised, but also curious, we take up the topic and try to find out what budget our friend has for such a venture.

„2500€ for girl n for you we will discuss”

We promise that we will ask (of course we didn’t intend to do such a business – to make it clear). The guy is very insistent. After Michal wrote that we will get back to him on Tuesday, this day at 12 noon a message was waiting „It’s Tuesday man!” Michał wrote a few times that he unfortunately doesn’t know anyone who would like to do such a business, but our friend was relentless. Eventually, acquaintance on facebook ended and our friend didn’t bother us anymore. Such a curiosity.

Returning to the story: having taken our backpacks and we head to the suburbs. The next destination is Golden Beach on the Karpaz peninsula.

About the fact that the map can sometimes fool us and that sometimes it ends even better than in the beginning you will read in the next entry [click].

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