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She makes sure that we keep on going. Before leaving, she prepared a plan for each country on the route, and now we are happily changing it. She is the author of most of the posts and takes care of our Facebook. Mechatronics engineer by profession, with a passionate to sing in the shower.

BRAZIL – practical info

In Brazil, we hitchhiked through 6 states, a total of 5750 km. Some states we only passed, in others we stayed for longer. The diversity of this country is really […]

GRAN CANARIA – our sunny home

So in short: where we were, what we did and what we liked and would do again. North: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (28°08’03.2″N 15°26’06.2″W) The capital of the island. […]

Air accident [Georgia 4/5]

2nd day in Tbilisi began with the Free Walking Tour. We learn 3 rules of surviving in Georgia: dont’t look dogs in the eyes – they won’t ever let you […]