Cyprus – useful tips

When to go to Cyprus?

Definitely not in August. The temperature then reaches 40 degrees in the shade, the night is not much cooler, but still so hot that it’s hard to sleep in rooms without air conditioning or a fan. Sunscreen, loose clothes and a hat for the protection from the sun are mandatory, heat stroke in such conditions is quite a real threat. Only in the Troodos mountains we had some rest when the temperature dropped to about 25 degrees during the day and 18 at night due to the altitude above sea level. However, there is a prize for this frying on melting asphalt: you won’t get any rain at 99%. Good months because of the temperature and less tourists are supposedly April, May, October and November, but then it may already rain a little bit.

What to see?

Definitely :

Nikosia (35°10’28.3″N 33°21’43.8″E)

The capital divided in half, especially worth seeing is the Turkish part – the Gothic cathedral converted into a mosque, neighbourhood of the boundary line that cuts through the buildings and backyards…

One building, two countries

Blue Lagoon (35°05’04.2″N 32°18’20.2″E)

Beautiful bay with an interesting shoreline and overwhelming colour of the water. The beauty is spoilt by the popularity of this place (you can take a 4×4 taxi or take a boat) which results in thousands of tourists. It’s not the best idea to walk here from the nearest city, because of the unpleasant, dusty and long road.

Blue Lagoon is… blue!

Góry Troodos (34°55’18.8″N 32°52’44.7″E)

A nice change – it’s a bit cooler in here and less crowdy. The trails are almost empty. Moreover, even in August a short downpour may occur.

Kakopetria (34°59’15.0″N 32°54’05.2″E)

A small village with charming, narrow streets, still intact by mass tourism. If you have it on the way, be sure to stop here for a while.

Mosque in Kakopetria

Saint Hillarion castle (35°18’45.6″N 33°16’52.8″E)

Impressive fortifications on jagged rocks with a breathtaking view of the coast near Girne and neighbouring mountain ranges.

The view from the highest point in the castle – 732m

Bafra (35°22’01.2″N 34°04’45.7″E)

A good place to “tramp”. There is a free shower with a toilet by the beach, a shop and a pub a little further. Outside the hotel area, the beach is almost empty with pleasant sand and clean water.

Famagusta (35°06’59.4″N 33°57’32.7″E)

Nice old town and a must-see (unfortunately from outside): an abandoned district of Varosia. There is a nice beach where the fence surrounding Varosia reaches the sea.

The area of Varosia is restricted, even on the beach

Cape Greco (34°57’44.1″N 34°03’57.0″E)

A must-see and must-climb stone arches, interesting coastline, many cliffs from which you can jump into the see, often among the ovations from tourists from cruise ships.

Interesting places to visit on Cape Greco:

  • 34°58’17.9″N 34°04’31.1″E – stone arch
  • 34°58’57.4″N 34°00’59.3″E – another stone arch

  • 34°58’05.4″N 34°03’16.4″E – jumping from the cliffs

  • 34°57’42.9″N 34°03’56.4″E – viewpoint on a hill

  • 34°58’33.0″N 34°04’32.3″E – also jumping from the cliffs

Another stone arch – a symbol of Cyprus

You can live without it:

Aphrodite’s baths (35°03’22.9″N 32°20’40.6″E)

A small waterfall, a lake and a bit of shade. On hot days, it could have been a nice place, but because of the crowd passing through it it’s not very pleasant.

Aiya Napa (34°59’18.1″N 33°58’10.9″E)

A huge resort full of concrete, trumpery, shops and tourists. It has nice beaches, but so what if you can barely see the sand from between the frying naked bodies?

Where to sleep?

When it comes to accommodation, I don’t even know the level of the prices. We spent the night either on the Couch(boat)surfing, once on the campsite for 5 €/2pers. and once in the wild on the construction site/beach. I bet, however, that due to the fact that Cyprus is quite a touristic place and part of it is in the € zone, accommodation is not the cheapest.


A traditional Cypriot dish is meze. These are starters, served on commond plates for everyone. Everyone picks up portions on their plate. Be sure to try meze with halloumi cheese (delicious!).

Hitchhiking works rather well, better in the Turkish part. If we had any problems, it was rather related to the lack of traffic, and not to the lack of willingness of drivers to take hitchhikers.

There is left-side traffic on the entire island. It is a remnant of the period when Cyprus was a British colony.

The border with the Turkish part of Cyprus can be easily passed at designated points. EU citizens don’t need a visa or even a passport (but we had passports just in case).

In the Turkish part of Cyprus, the currency is Turkish liras. Here and there, payment is accepted in €, but then the exchange rate is not the best.



The entire trip closed in the amount of 540 PLN/pers. for 9 days (without airline tickets). It’s a decent amount, but you have to take into account that we hardly paid for accommodation and transport.

Prices (TRY – Turkish lira):

Coffee at a cafe: 5,50 TRY

Dinner: 18 TRY

1,5l of water: 1,50 TRY

Beer in a shop: 3,50 TRY/litr

1,5l of water: 0,60 €

Coffee at a cafe: 3€

Scooter rental for a day: 25€

City bus ticket: 1,50€

Grapes: 2€/kg

Kebab: 3,50€

Burger from Pikachu: 5,50€

Ariel’s fingers: 5,50€

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