Apartment with a view [Cyprus 3/4]

Hitchhiking from Girne to Golden Beach on the Karpaz peninsula is not that straightforward, as it turns out. There are mainly small roads, the traffic is negligible and the rides are usually short. The sun is scorching, asphalt burns the legs and standing on the road in such conditions is not the most pleasant thing, as you can imagine. In addition, the road goes through nowhere, there aren’t probably many shops at the Golden Beach, and we don’t have large supplies. Under such circumstances we decide to change the destination and go to Bafra, where there is also a beach and a camping site, which I previously searched for on the internet. We get a ride with a milk supplier and visit a farm on the way to pick up barrels of fresh milk.

We finally reach Bafra and look for our campground. But the search is surprisingly hard… we ask a few people and nobody has heard about any camping around. Well…  🙂

Near the beach we see an abandoned construction site of a big hotel, Michal goes on a scout. Finally, we decide to spend a night in one of the ‘apartments’ with a view of the sea.

It’s too hot even for the Cypriot dog!
Visit on the farm
A view from our “room”

A security guard visits us in the morning. The construction, however, has not been abandoned, we can’t stay here anymore. Luckily, we are thrown out politely and culturally. We gather our stuff and return to the beach. In the restaurant, we leave our backpacks and make a day of lazyness – finally we don’t go anywhere, don’t run, just lie, fry in the sun and swim the whole day. In the meantime, we visit the neighbouring huge hotel complex Artemis. The cshoddiness of this place is beyond our comprehension.

Oh look, a Greek temple!

In the evening, we put a tent between the trees near the beach bars. In the end, it turned out for good that the camping didn’t exist. On the beach there were showers and toilets available all the time, everything was nice and clean, we even did laundry there. We were the only people camping here, and the view we had from the tent can be seen at the top of this post. Nice place!

The next day we swim for a while, jump from the bridge into the water, and then head to catch a ride to Famagusta. We cover the 40 km distance with 4 cars. Having left backpacks in the tourist information we do some sightseeing.

An obligatory point in Famagusta is to visit Varosia. Once a Greek district, after being occupied by the Turks has become a ghost town. Abandoned blocks slowly turn into ruins, the area is guarded by the army (no photos allowed) and currently there are no perspectives for this area to be re-inhabited. Paradoxically, in the gloomy of Varosia, there is the most beautiful beach in the city.

The old town in Famagusta. Something stuck to the cathedral’s tower. Is it a minaret?
The ruins of the castle
Near Varosia – one of many signs like that
Bars on the beach near the abandoned buildings
The area of Varosia is closed, even from the seaside

In Famagusta, we cross the border again and on the Greek side we head to Kaparis, where our host Despina is waiting for us. Unfortunately she goes out to work for the evening (she works in a restaurant), so we take her dog, India, for a walk. While walking through the meadows and fields near the military area, we hear the sound of a gun being reloaded on the guarding tower… Generally, it’s better to watch where you go. Even empty grounds are guarded by the army…

India is absolutely the craziest dog in the world. We thought that we were able to get her tired, but after returning to the apartment, she needed only 5 minutes to regenerate and bother us from the beginning. Exhausted, we close ourselves on the terrace so that she can’t reach us. We have a great view and great conditions for sleeping – I have a bed of pillows, and Michal sleeps in a hammock. This is what I call a decent relax before the next intensive day!

No photos!

About the pursuit of the Cyprus symbol you will read in the next post [click].

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