About us

They met on (at that time) the Ukrainian Crimea. He has been living in the capital since birth. She’s from a small town with a misspelling in the name. He laughs at her “eastern dialect”. She laughs at his Warsaw one. Despite these minor linguistic scars, they are getting along well. What brought them together was their passion for doing things, spending time and a broken guitar. They are constantly figuring out where to go. Always too little travels, they still want more. Heavy backpack for them are not an obstacle, hitchhiking is their companion. Beautiful, young, capable. What more could you want?

Michal about Ola

Ola’s energy level is roughly above 9000. Always smiling, she doesn’t like to go sluggish and always spends time actively. Inconvience is convenient for her, because she was brought up by the streets of Chelm and capoeira. She is a lovely singer, though she denies it, but everyone knows theirs anyway. She is the author of most of the posts on this blog and an expert in finding cheap flights. The master’s degree in engineering at the EITI Faculty of the Warsaw University of Technology was achieved without any difficulty. Born in the great year ’91.

Her dream is to work in corporation, to have a herd of dogs and spend all inclusive vacation in Egypt (nooooot).

Ola about Michal

To the wider audience is known as Glina (Clay). Born leader and organizer. And the combiner. He can spend a lot of time searching, but he always finds the cheapest / best solution. A little stubborn, but one can live with it. He doesn’t ask for directions. He always finds way on his own (and he is good at it). His second love is guitar on which he bravely plays while the drunk crowd is “singing”. Once on such a play and sing (mine) on the street we made money, so the music career is not without success. Capoerista, swimmer, runner, cyclist, bookie, bricklayer, plasterer, acrobat. In a word: a pretty cool boy.

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