A lust for stone arches [Cyprus 4/4]

The next day we catch a ride to Nissi Beach. We want to see the fairytale connection of the island with the mainland visible in all the pictures on the internet from here (eg. here). Unfortunately, the sandy bridge is gone, however there is a crowd of people, which spoils the charm of this place. In fact, it eliminates the magic completely.

Nissi Beach

The next point is Love Bridge, to which we go on foot which turns out not to be the best idea. In the heat we break through the concrete forest of the huge resort which Ayia Napa is. 6 kilometers of walking in the scorching sun makes me feel very bad despite the hat and the sunscreen. After stopping for a bath and chilling heads in the sea, we finally find Love Bridge:


On the spot, however, it turns out that in Cyprus there are 2 famous rock arches. By entering ‘Love bridge’ in Google maps, we will get to the one shown in the above photo. However, when searching for pictures from Love bridge, you can find photos of two different rock arches (see for yourself). We must reach the other! We catch a ride to Cape Greco and Michal scores jumping into the water from cliffs on our way. But today, unfortunately, we have no more strength and time for more attractions. We return to Despina’s house, getting a ride with a stop at Lidl, where we buy fruit and our favorite ice cream. Today again, Despina is at work and unfortunately we don’t manage to spend the evening with her.

Michal bravely jumps…
…but I’m not too keen on it.

The next (and the last) day, feeling unhappy not seeing the whole Cape Greco, and feeling the desire to score another symbol of the island, we rent a scooter and return to the place. The ride on the left side is quite funny, especially on the right-turns or on the roundabouts.

Another stone arch – a symbol of Cyprus
Road pirates!

Near Agioi Anargyroi we also find a very nice place to jump from the cliffs into the water and observe the underwater world. We come back, return the scooter and in Kaparis we go swimming for the last time – on a lovely beach near the restaurant where Despina works.

Last chance to catch some sunburns!

In the end, we manage to spend a moment with our host when we visit her at work and eat a pizza together. It is really a pity that we didn’t manage to spend more time together because Despina, fascinated with the culture of India, seems to be a very interesting person. We say goodbye and go to Larnaka getting a ride with Matheus – from a small road in the middle of nowhere takes us directly to Larnaca, thanks to which we still have some time to walk around the city (after the arrival we went to Limassol immediately). Having left our backpacks at the bus station we go sightseeing. Among other things, there is a climatic cafe, where everything is an oil painting, including chairs and jars, in which coffee is served:

The last pleasure of the trip
Dusk in Larnaka

We return to the station, take backpacks and head for the airport. No sleeping in plans, the departure is at 5 am. We camp at the airport, where it’s impossible to find a comfortable place to sleep. Fortunately, during a 6-hour transfer in Kiev, we manage to regain some strength:

Power nap
You complained about the heat? Have a cold shower!

To sum up: thanks to its interesting history, Cyprus is a very interesting island. It’s really two countries in one, you can see huge differences between the Greek and the Turkish side. It’s hard to say whether one is better or worse. They are just different. Our tour in short was: Larnaca – Limassol – Akamas peninsula (Blue Lagoon, Baths of Aphrodite) – Limassol – Troodos mountains – Nicosia – Girne – Bafra – Famagusta – Kaparis – Ayia Napa (Nissi Beach, Love Bridge) – Cape Greco – Larnaca. Of course, being on Cyprus it is also worth going to beautiful beaches with transparent blue water, but maybe not in August. I don’t know if I mentioned it, but it’s really hot. And crowded with tourists. And hot.

The end.

A more detailed summary of the trip and useful information can be found in the next entry [click].


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